Beauty - August 8, 2016

The Holy Grail Of Fake Tan

I started using Bondi Sands about a year ago after a PR friend introduced me to the Aussie brand. Before then, I’d dabbled with gradual tans, spray tans, fake tans that promised the best non-biscuity scent ever, though personally I think it’s more straight up BO than biscuit.

From Donald Trump to Ross Geller, I’ve been just about every shade of orange so it goes without saying that I love the Bondi range for the fail-safe colour, but also because of how easy they are to fit into my routine. Anything that can cut all the faff without compromising quality is a product I can get on board with.

Lately I’ve been using their latest offering, Liquid Gold. It’s a dry spray oil formula, which makes application that little bit easier and less sticky. It also doesn’t require a wash off so you can apply it in the morning and allow it to develop throughout the day.

As a personal preference, I tend to do it overnight so I can get up and shower in the morning, even though it says you don’t need to. I feel like I owe it to my pits. Plus, a real tan always looks better once you’ve showered and moisturised so I apply the same theory to the fake stuff.

Even after a good exfoliating session, I still haven’t managed to nail perfectly tanned elbows, so I always slap on a little body moisturiser or Vaseline to any dry areas before I apply fake tan. Then I spray 3-4 pumps directly onto the mitt before rubbing onto my first area. I usually start with my legs and work my way up so I’m not bending down and creasing my belly or smudging the side of my arms when I’m reaching for my (k)ankles.

Having no guide colour to go by when applying can be risky but from my experience the tan is always even, streak-free and natural. I’m very fair so whenever I fake tan it’s always pretty obvious but with Bondi, at least, I always look the right side of bronze.

The liquid gold tan usually lasts for a solid 5 days before it starts to wear off which is equivalent to a spray tan. Quite impressive considering a full body spray tan costs £25 for a one off application eh? If ever there’s ever an excuse to dodge those awful paper knickers, it’s Bondi Sands.

For maintaining a natural looking colour in between the whole body, cancel all plans kind of fake tanning, I use their Everyday Face mixed in with my daily moisturiser. The colour develops into a deep sun-kissed shade leaving you with that fresh holiday glow – no foundation necessary. I’ve also got the Bondi Sands mist and the mousse so I’ll definitely be giving them a go when I’ve gone through my batch of Liquid Gold.


August 8, 2016

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