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Lifestyle - May 24, 2017

My Guide To Travelling Bali In A Fortnight | Part 1

Ever since I watched Julia Roberts soul searching through rice paddies into the arms of her Brazilian expat Felipe in Eat, Prey, Love, I’ve wanted to go to Bali and see what all the fuss is about. What is it about this place that gives people a sense of direction, of inner balance and of new found purpose? I can’t say I thought I’d crack the code to all that in a fortnight, but surely I could get a rough idea of why so many of us are turning to travel and following in the footsteps of our Jules to find a little piece of ourselves we never knew we was missing, nor that we needed.

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May 24, 2017
Lifestyle - April 25, 2017

A Slice Of Soul Food & A Healthy Serving Of Boomerang Sleeves

If there’s one thing I consider myself pretty good at, it’s finding good food and eating it. In fact, I consider it more than just a hobby, it’s an investment. I know this because my bank statements tell me so. They also tell me that H&M and Zara aren’t the supportive friends I thought they were. They make me look slender and gazelle like in their mirrors then when I get home, boom, I’m an ogre again. The spell only lasts so long. See, the trick is they blast out a bit of old school Enrique and lead you to believe you can be a shhhexy, sassy, off-the-shoulder wearing salsa emoji. And then you remember you’ve got £30 to live off until pay day so, here’s to eating butter sandwiches for the next fortnight. But I still keep the clothes don’t I, because no part of me can face going through the fresh hell that is returning items in Zara. If you haven’t got the receipt, they will want proof you’re not a robot. And failing that, they’ll want you to sweep their dusty floors. What is it with all that dust? I had a woman sweep over my foot while I was in the changing room once. Admittedly, it tickled and felt nice but that’s not really the point.

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April 25, 2017
Lifestyle - March 20, 2017

There’s A New Brunch Spot In Town & It’ll Blow Your Botanical-Loving Brains

When take-your-breath away interiors come hand in hand with lip-smackingly good coffee and banging brunch dishes, you know you’re on to a good thing and Red Roaster in Brighton is exactly one of those. It’s a good egg and an organic one at that!

I first heard about this newly renovated coffee spot through one of my good friends Olivia. She’s also the wickedly talented brains behind all my outfit photos so yeah, she does an awesome job at making sure my chins aren’t wagging too much when I’m hair flicking, chasing dogs and whatever else it is I do – and for that I’ll be eternally thankful. It also means we can never fall out ‘cos she has one hell of an archive of outtakes right there. Shall we get back to botanicalgasms and coffee chat already? YES LET’S.

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March 20, 2017
Lifestyle - March 19, 2017

71 Thoughts I Had While Watching The New Beauty And The Beast

First up, shout out to all the girls who straight up lied about how much singing there was in the film just so they could drag their poor unfortunate soul of a boyfriend along to watch it with them. I’m not even sorry. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dying to see Beauty and the Beast ever since the trailer came out and you may have even considered buying a bit of the merch from Primark, so the 17th March 2017 was no longer just St Patrick’s day for you, it became St Popcorn day. And also… St I-forgot-how-much-singing-there-was-in-this-film day.

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March 19, 2017
Lifestyle - March 14, 2017

Premature Granny Syndrome

It’s Sunday (who am I kidding, it’s definitely Monday by the time I get round to posting this), it’s 3.21 in the afternoon and I am counting down the minutes until we can bumble on down to our local pub for a lip-smacking (potentially heart-burning) roast dinner. Seriously, go to the Sussex Yeoman and get the lamb special: A slab of lamb, a mountain of spuds and a whopping ol’ Yorkshire pud to mop it all up with, oh mama, I am salivating. Ya see, I live for moments like this. The kind of moments that when someone asks you what you did at the weekend you normally leave out because, well, who wants to know about how much gravy missed your mouth and dribbled onto ya pretty white embroidered shirt and all your chins instead? On the face of things, they seem like boring activities we reserve for small talk don’t they, but they’re often the things that fill me with a warm fuzzy happiness. And if that makes me a 26 year old granny (that sounded way less dodgy in my head), then, well, that makes me a 26 year old granny! I feel like there should be some kind of cool word hybrid for this. What shall we go for? Premature granny – pranny? That’ll do. Just don’t say it too quickly, or in a loud place because that could be an entirely different conversation you’ll be having.

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March 14, 2017