About Me


I’m Lareese, a 28-year-old Brighton dweller with a knack for oversharing.

The big question, and one of my reservations when starting my blog, was this: Plenty of people have inspirational blogs, so why would I start now? After all, I’m pretty late to the party right? Well to that I say, would you ever question, “why write a book? There are so many good books out there already.” No, no you wouldn’t.

Everyone has something unique to offer. To the outsider it might just be another beauty product review or another outfit post but when you dig a little deeper it’s about translating your life and building your identity. Isn’t that why we are all here anyway, to make our mark and to take things really urban, to yolo? I’m aware I’ve just made that a verb.

One thing I was hot on from the very beginning of creating this blog was that I wanted it to be relatable. I don’t want to get so caught up in photogenic green juices that I become out of touch with the real, gorgeously messy life behind the lens. You know, the one that hasn’t been Amaro’d the F out of. I have nothing against green juices btw, some of them even taste marginally unlike swamp water, but you know what I’m getting at. It comes down to reality vs the social media highlight reel. And while I might visit some swanky eateries, chase beautiful white bird-crap-free backgrounds and try out some excessive beauty products, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to go home and eat Nutella with a spoon, clad in some unloved pjs with Sudocrem caked on my chin. Let’s hear it for the beauty underdog that is Sudocrem by the way. However, I digress!

Do I want my images to look fit AF. Hell yeah I do! But the person(ality) has to be there – it’s about bringing people together in the every day, listening, sharing (and oversharing) & being you. Unapologetically, you.

LareeseCraig.com was born with every intention of being that big fat pair of virtual Spanx, the place where I could finally get all my sh*t together and pretend my life’s in shape (cue the quarter life crisis). But the more I worked on it, the more I realised this is the very opposite of bloggy Spanx. This is where I’m going to come to both metaphorically and literally let my fat rolls hang right out. And I really hope you’ll join me on that one.