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Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer | Review


As beauty products go, primer is one thing I really cba with. I know, I know what kind of beauty blogger does that make me ay? I am aware that using one can make your foundation go from zero to hero, but I really haven’t got the patience to sit around and wait for it to sink into my pores. Which brings me onto another bugbear of mine – why does it leave grey bitty blobs on your skin? Like the leftover pieces of a pencil rubber. It happens to me a lot and I end up having to redo my whole base, hence why me and primer haven’t really been soul mates before now.

But ever since I made eyes at this gold flecked glass bottle, I’m a changed woman. I am primed and I am silky (ain’t those the words of a woman who’s about to conquer the world). The Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur is a) a mouthful, but also b) pretty amazing, and so it should be for a whacking £29.50!

That’s a high price for something that technically does sweet FA for the pink hamster cheeks I get in the morning. I mean, I can justify spending nearly £30 on a foundation that claims it will make me look like Blu Cantrell in the Breathe video, but a primer? Who you gonna call when you wake up looking like The Head from Art Attack? Not primer. Primer is the last resort, the booty call, the tin of tomato soup that’s been sitting in the cupboard for months and has gone a little bent with age. But like every fellow beauty junkie, I still bought it. Because it would look pretty on my non-existent vanity table wouldn’t it guys.

When it came to using the product, I was pleasantly surprised. Even from the first swatch on my hand I could feel how delicate it was on my skin, and so naturally I got carried away. About 5 pumps later and I finally got round to putting it on my face. Now, my old pal Yves claimed  it would blur pores and fine lines, help makeup last longer, smooth skin texture and instantly illuminate the skin. I know what you’re thinking, ‘I smell bullcrap’ but for the most part it lived up to its hard sell.

I can’t speak for the fine lines around my eyes because I think they’re way past anything primer can do for them. Cheers for that genetics. But the blurring the pores and smoothing skin texture? Yves, you the man. I imagine it’s how Mariah Carey’s skin feels once she’s done stroking 100 rare puppies on her face, it’s that soft. It completely mattifies any shiny patches and evens out your complexion by filling in any lumps and bumps. And if you were curious about just how shimmery the gold flecks were, you’ll be pleased to know you won’t be finding any glitter chunks embedded in the creases of your forehead anytime soon. Once you’ve left it to absorb for 10 seconds, your skin appears more awake, radiant and healthy and I am all about that life.

The only flaw with this primer is that it didn’t give my makeup enough staying power. For some reason, my skin seems to enjoy absolutely chowing down on my base – and it enjoys a 3pm snack attack on my concealer the most. Hi Uncle Fester eyes, hi. That said, I’ve spoken to a few makeup artists that wouldn’t dare do up a bride without the stuff, so that tells me I must be missing a trick. Maybe I’ve just got abnormally hungry skin.

Admittedly, I’ve been using this product every day which is probably a bit excessive for a sweaty commute, but I love the way it makes my skin feel super soft and nourished in the mornings before I apply any makeup. It also makes my foundation sit better on my skin.

So what’s the verdict? Radiant, silky smooth, mattifying primer – check! But the hunt for that miracle product that prevents my eye makeup from sliding down to all four of my chins continues…



  • Rose | Mrs A to B

    Find your writing very amusing and the reference to Blu Cantrell was hilarious!

    Oh so I recently discovered that the rubber like residue on your skin you spoke about is actually when a product “rolls”. Weird right, but yeah, that’s what they call in the industry apparently. Tends to be a sign that the base product isn’t great as its not absorbing into the skin.

    Anyway, look forward to reading more of your beauty posts in the future.

    • Thank you Rose! A Blu Cantrell complexion airbrushed to within an inch of its life is the dream haha. That’s interesting to know that it actually has a name huh! I do not need any more rolls in my life, fat rolls keep me occupied enough 😀 Thanks for reading and yes please do come back – I love to hear your comments. L Xx

  • Momofuku O’Murphy

    Seconding approval of the Blu Cantrell nod 😀
    So did you ever find that eye primer? And also were you talking undereye primer for concealer as well? Because I’m still looking

    • Thanks for reading this piece! There’s a lot of Blu Cantrell fan girls out there isn’t there. She needs to make a comeback if she knows what’s good for her and us. But mostly us. Which undereye primer were you talking about lovely? I use this all over my face but I can’t say it’s particularly effective for the undereye area in terms of making your concealer last longer. I just love the way this it bridges the gap between skincare and makeup. It feels so lovely on the skin, coming back to this article has made me miss using it X

October 12, 2016

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