Fashion - October 23, 2016

Hell For Pleather


If you’re not familiar with the term pleather, let me explain… Ever seen that Friends episode, the one where Ross is sprinkling his leather pants with lotion and Baby Powder and it turns into a sweaty paste blah blah blah? Well, pleather is nothing like that. Nah uh. It’s plastic leather, so it’s thinner, cheaper and less likely to give you a clammy crotch. Sign. Me. Up. But just like that little guy Wally, or Waldo if you’re American, good pleather is hard to find. There’s a thin line between the tacky, shiny faux leather and the good stuff, which is why this matte pencil skirt caught my eye…

Priced at just £25.99, I was surprised at how good the quality felt for such a reasonable cost. I originally picked it up in the khaki green colour but decided the black would be more versatile for both work and going out. Now I know how wearable it is, I’m probably definitely going to go ahead and buy the khaki too! Somebody. Stop. Me.

I love playing with texture and fabrics, and faux leather is a great way to add that extra notch to an otherwise plain Jane outfit. Lately I’ve been teaming it with soft, slouchy knitwear, tights and ankle boots for an easy peasy autumnal outfit. If you watch my Instagram Stories then you will also know all about flappy felt hat gate too, but I decided against that because it made me look like a wilting daffodil. Hats are HARD ok.

Here I’ve changed it up a bit with my printed Primark dress. An absolute steal for £12! A small price to pay for something I’ve been procrastinating in ever since I bought it. I love the slinky off-the-shoulder detail and the wrist ties  – it’s all those tiny things that make an outfit that little bit more dynamic. I’ve just gotta be mindful that said wrist ties can come undone and can almost certainly end up trapped in the car door, down the toilet and in your gravy… honestly, I’ve had hours of fun in this dress. All I need now is for the shoulders to completely slink away down to my elbows and for my baps to make a public appearance. You can laugh but I know it’s going to happen. I’m the girl who’s just destined to publicly humiliate herself. Just 3 weeks ago I attended a press trip in Paris with Panasonic Beauty – very swanky, very posh and there I was stood up at the front of the presentation/product demo with my dress tucked in my tights. Again, ZARA MAKE LONGER DRESSES PLEASE. Oh and prior to that happening, I had opened the toilet door on a very unsuspecting Parisian guy. In my defence, it was a unisex toilet (with no warning sign) and he hadn’t locked the door. Who does that? He was also sat down, but let’s just say he was not doing a sit down wee… I saw A LOT in those 24 hours. Welcome to a day in my life.

I’m still trying to make these Zara middy heels work for me because they’re probably the most formal thing I own. Ya see, formal and me don’t really go together, which probably explains why they’re repelling me and slipping off my feet at the first chance they get. I will wear them in, I will I will I will. I’m also wearing my cute bee bag – I hear smaller bags are making a comeback so erm don’t go chucking away your Adidas popper trousers anytime soon me hearties. You never know which way fashion’s gonna swing, but between you and I, I will be using my next eyelash to wish that Adidas poppers do not in fact come back around to humiliate us for a second time. Nobody needs to see that.

Have you been new season shopping yet? Let me know in the comments below!

Photography by Olivia Foley

Skirt: Zara 

Bag: Zara (not in stock but I’ve linked to one similar)

Earrings: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Dress: Primark (recent)



October 23, 2016

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