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Breakfast At Farm Girl | Portobello


Like many of the eateries I visit, I discovered Farm Girl through a hashtag marathon one evening. After seeing their ridiculously photogenic rose latte it was decided, I had to go. Anywhere that combines coffee with flowers is a firm entry on my bucket list that’s fo sure.

Situated in the tres Instagrammable Portabello Road in the heart of Notting Hill, Farm Girl is a feast for the eyes and the belly from the word go. From the quaint wisteria draped over its rooftop to the beautiful courtyard out back, you’ve got to be prepared to come away from this dreamy café questioning every homeware decision you’ve ever made.

First things first. Let’s talk about le décor. Crackled table, pink salt (YES PINK SALT), who needs Pinterest when you’ve got Farm Girl? Once I’d got over trying to work out if I could totally rip off their design ideas for my own non-existent garden, I grabbed a menu.


Call me basic, but this time round I let my eyes decide and went for all the prettiest come healthiest things on the menu. Not because I’m particularly health conscious but because I’m not particularly health conscious and my Joni jeans are about one carb fest away from telling me to go f*ck myself and order the next size up. Enter my first pitaya bowl experience.

Not only is this fuchsia pink bowl well, fuchsia pink, it’s also bound to be popular with any OCD eaters… a neat little line up of frozen berries, chia, flaxseeds, sun flower seeds and coconut shavings, you know what I’m saying? It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.


I’m a bit weird about yoghurt consistencies. I struggle to get past the first few mouthfuls without wishing I was eating bread and feeling sick usually but the pitaya had so much going on, I was comfortably distracted. So distracted in fact, I didn’t stop for a breath until I was scraping the bottom of the bowl. Sorry to the staff that had to witness that. I’m still trying to shake the eating habits I’ve inherited from my Dad. I’m also sorry for the pink moustache – the aftermath of the rose latte or the pitaya, there’s really no telling which one it was.

It’s fair to say I took my coffee obsession too far, two lattes in half an hour probably wasn’t my brightest idea but what’s a girl gonna do when confronted with lavender and rose lattes? I think my eyelids finally went back to normal about 4 hours later.

Now, I may have ticked a few things off my Farm Girl wish list but I’m afraid I’m gonna need to go back. I never got to meet Bronte the resident bulldog! Hashtag hungry for more.



August 14, 2016

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