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25 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Obsessed With Candles


1. Lighting one is never enough, you’ve got to go ahead and light all those Yankees for maximum ambience

2. And you’ll never trust anyone that manages to refrain from lighting all of theirs at once

3. You have some candles that stay in the box just to be looked at because they cost you a week’s worth of wages. For. Real.

4. When the wick becomes a stump at the bottom of the candle and you know you should throw it away but that jar cost you like £30

5. You’re constantly distracted by candles when you go shopping

6. Cos you always need a new scent to match the season

7. You insist on sniff-testing every single candle in the store, no matter how many times security clock you doing it

8. You miss seasonal scents when they go. WHY MUST YOU GO *I whisper to the mulled wine and cinnamon apple Airwick beauty*

9. Christmas Cookie is life!

10. When Airwick do a matching plug in for your candle… *wells up*

11. If you go round someone’s house you fiddle all their candles. Naturally.


12. And if they have a candle you don’t know, you won’t rest until you know the name, brand and burning time of that candle

13. Your nose basically always thinks it’s Christmas

14. Cba to clean up? Light a candle. Job. Done.

15. You’re not afraid to admit you’ve bought a candle on the name alone. Candy Cane Lane… C’mon!

16. You’ve thought about the possibility that the OPI and Yankee Candle guys must use the same people to name their products. You want to meet them and force them to be your friends

17. Candle lighters have legitimately changed your life

18. You genuinely think about getting home and lighting your candles when you’re out


19. You try and bestow your love for candles on everyone you meet. Birthdays, wedding days… you will be gifted with a candle

20. You’ll never be friends with someone that suggests buying AN ELECTRIC CANDLE. Wtf.

21. You’ve been known to cancel plans because… candles

22. And once you’ve lit those candles, there are no plans. It’s too late.

23. The feeling you get when that cute little wax tartlet melts into liquid form is so satisfying

24. You know all the hints and tips. Trim ya wicks, sniff the inside of the lid to get the real scent, smell coffee beans to clear your nose bla bla bla, you’re basically a pro

25. A candle making class is your idea of heaven. HEAVENNN.


August 9, 2016

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