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My Trip To Yosemite | Paradise On Earth


When you’re caught up in the slog of work and responsibility it’s easy to forget how beautiful the world is. We become accustomed to waking up to bad news every day, another tragedy, another example of sucky humans ruining it for the rest of us. All that can wear us down whether we’re aware of it or not. The world quickly becomes a very bad, ugly place and there you are, being dragged down with it, wondering if you should even have kids if this is what they’re going to be born into.

Yosemite says to hell with all of that. It’s the respite we all need from the daily struggles – however big or small they might be.

One of my best friends had visited the very same place just a few months ago on her honeymoon and she had made it quite clear that it would change my life. Really, a bunch of big trees? We’ll see, I thought to myself.

On our arrival the first thing you noticed was how quiet it was. Not in an eerie sense but in a I didn’t know this kind of serenity actually existed sense. Just the sound of Californian bird song, of twigs snapping underneath your feet, of fire flies dancing in the warmth of a dusty sunset and the Merced River running its course in the not so distant background. It was the real picture perfect post card.


Its depths of discovery – both mentally and physically – are awe-inspiring. Now, more than ever we rely on escapism. We need tangible reminders that the good still exists. Like everything else our minds fatigue, they need vision and motivation just as our physical selves do and Yosemite certainly ticks that box.

You somehow come away feeling a fuller version of yourself. Wise with perspective on how much of your life goes undernourished and how much it really doesn’t matter if your Instagram has a nice neat white border or if you should use the Mayfair or Amaro filter.


Who would have thought that while you’re sat at work, tackling 500 emails that out there in California, hikers are zipping up their backpacks ready to go out on a star gazing tour. Black bears are sauntering across the meadows gorging on acorns. Did you know they eat 20,000 calories a day? That’s 40 Big Mac sandwiches fyi. Yosemite reminds you that life is not for existing, but for living.

Even if you get the chance to go just once in your lifetime, do it. You won’t be disappointed.


August 5, 2016

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