I've Been Thinking - August 3, 2016

Why I’ll Never Think Buying Flowers For Yourself Is Weird


Age eight. The obsession begins. I remember talking to my Mum about her favourite bunch of flowers when I was little – stargazers, those gorgeous big pink lilies and from that moment on I was hooked.

I love the way we can’t help but close our eyes and inhale when we’re handed a bunch, I love the colours, I love photographing every contour of a rose petal. I love the way the stamen on lilies look like little trumpets. It all sounds very poetic doesn’t it?


Our little flat in Brighton, even with all the candles in the world (another obsession of mine), isn’t complete without a big ol’ bunch of fleurs. When I walk into the flat after a commute from hell, they’re there beaming away on the table-top, soaking up the last of the daylight. Although I recently learned that this is not prime position of the lily buds – appaz they need to be kept in shady areas. So yeah, I’ve been a bad flower mum!


Up on the shelves you’ve got a pick of the freshest eucalyptus leaves around and impressive white lilies the size of the BFG himself


When we moved from West Sussex to Brighton in December of last year sniffing out a good florist was high on my list of priorities. It didn’t take us long to trip across Gunns of Brighton – a beautiful family run florist situated down The North Laine.


It’s a beautifully cluttered shop: huddles of roses populate the floor space, from classic buttery pinks to unusual burnt oranges. Up on the shelves you’ve got a pick of the freshest eucalyptus leaves around and impressive white lilies the size of the BFG himself. Not forgetting those adorable potted succulents. I’m going back for some of them bad boys.

That’s not to say we haven’t shopped around by the way, but we’ve found Gunns to be the best value for money. And more importantly, they last long enough to actually enjoy them.


All the flowers come swaddled in brown paper so that when you get home you can unwrap them like a pretty little newborn; a gift from yourself to your home. Just me? Money well spent I’d say.

See flowers for me will never be a waste of money. Like the candle thing I go on about, they have this ability to lift your mood and give your home that je nais se quoi. Yes, they’re a bit of a luxury item – you don’t need them but hey, they’re cheaper than self-medicating on ASOS, am I right?


Quick tip: when you get flowers make sure you cut the stems at a 45 degree angle before dunking them in water. This enables them to drink it up more effectively. Also, trim your stamen dude. Not only can it leave pesky stains on your clothes but it can also damage the petals, shortening the life span of your beautiful flowers.

What are your favourite flowers?


August 3, 2016

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