Lifestyle - October 20, 2017

27 Things Every HomeSense Addict Will Understand

27 things every HomeSense addict will understand

There’s a few shops that have a special kind of hold on me. One is Zara, another one is McDonald’s but we won’t talk about that – not here, not like this – and the third is HomeSense. I’m not ashamed to admit that if it came down to spending my last quid on a leccy bill (lol, leccy is such a horrible word. It makes something in my chest shudder in the same way that the word ‘moist’ does) or a book on How To Speak Dog and a candle called Under The Mistletoe, it’s gonna be the latter innit. Which, ironically, makes no sense.

That’s the thing with this place, it makes your home look the tits, but it will also make you lose all your senses. And that guys, is my theory behind the name. Boom.

But who needs sense when you can have a smorgasbord of spooky decor and Himalayan pink salt, eh? It’s every blogger’s wet dream and I don’t intend to wake up from it anytime soon…

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October 20, 2017
I've Been Thinking - October 15, 2017

The Peaks & Pits

Before I begin, I just need to confess something. Apart from today, I haven’t managed to drag myself out of bed earlier than 9am this week – 9 friggin’ AM. You know you’ve had one too many lie-ins when your spine actually starts to ache.

Sorry, what is happening here? Is my name Jenna Rink and am I trapped in a teenager’s body? Because if I am, then a) that would make me feel better about my boob situation but b) where the hell are all my Razzles?

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October 15, 2017
Fashion - October 8, 2017

Coated & Bloated *Probably*

Zara winter coat

I used to hate coats. It’s something about how heavy they are on your body, kinda like a lanky boyfriend when he hugs you. He hangs and leans on you until your spine just gives up. Next thing you know, you’re nothing but a heap of folded bones and a slogan Merci Mon Cheri t-shirt piled on the kitchen floor. Can you tell Joe’s a 6ft 3 cable tower, can ya, can ya?

But that all changed a couple of years ago and now as soon as the first leaf falls – how Disney does that sound by the way? – all I do is buy coats.

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October 8, 2017
Lifestyle - October 4, 2017

Starfish & Coffee Brighton | Cafe Review

Starfish & Coffee review

When a new café opens up in town, I’m like one of those fish in the Amazon. You know the ones that follow a line of urine until it finds the dude’s urethra (bear with me) – reasons not to pee in open water, entry number one.

At the same time, these fish do not discriminate and will happily enter a vagina should it be convenient or the anu… you know what, it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, I’m like one of those fish in some ways but not in others.

Similar in the sense that we both seize new opportunities to feed but immensely different in the sense that I tend to follow a line of coffee or cake, not urine. I’m sure you’ve just let out a huge sigh of relief at that revelation, that’s if you even made it this far.

Well, that was a very unconventional start to a review wasn’t it now? You know how I like to do things a little differently round here (you can also read my review of the Red Roaster, Brighton, here).

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October 4, 2017
Lifestyle - September 28, 2017

5 Things I Have Learned About Blogging So Far

Thing I've learned about blogging

Happy belated birthday bloggy! My humble corner of the interweb just turned a whole year old and I can’t quite believe it. Twelve months of busting my balls – or more specifically, my fingers that now look closer to a gammy pigeon’s foot, mangled by a Coke can – to create content that I feel confident enough to hit publish on.

I’m not saving lives but I am over here looking like a proud mum watching her daughter in the school nativity. Sure, she’s only the ‘little donkey on the dusty road’, but she’s my little donkey.

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September 28, 2017